The existing house was built in the late 1960s. Like many self-built houses of that era, it exhibited various planning and construction deficiencies, especially in terms of its thermal performance. For instance the living room, which is located in the upper floor, is connected to the sleeping rooms in the lower level via an uncovered stairway. The terrace was constructed without thermal insulation with the result that the ceilings of the bed rooms below it, have become covered by fungi. The client requested initially only a winter garden (sun space) on the terrace, but during his work with the architect he gradually became aware that his house needed extending and general improvement. Thus, the completed winter garden was extended by an additional and thermally independent glass house, covering the open stair and creating a wind lock and entrance hall. Consequently, no parts of the terrace remain exposed, which would have necessitated thermal insulation.
Projektnummer :15
Status :Bauten
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
Ort :Sulz, Niederösterreich
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Einfamilienhaus
Planungsbeginn :1988
Baubeginn :1988
Fertigstellung :1989