Schukowitzgasse, Vienna, Passive nursery school 6 groups

In terms of urban development, this project complements an existing school. Together they form an atrium. The classrooms (opening towards sun and garden) are located south of the central hall (with a large roof light). Due to the heavy building mass the passive house concept (heating via ventilation system) is complemented by very high passive solar use and a large solar-powered hot water system.
Projectnumber :167
Status :Buildings
authors :Architect Georg W. Reinberg, Architekturbüro Reinberg GesmbH
Coworkers :Ulrike Machold, Sigrid Müller-Welt, Martha Enriquez-Reinberg
Country :Schukowitzgasse, Vienna
Type :New buidling
Function :Nursery school
Properties :Collector, Heat Recovery, Passive solarusage, Active solarusage, Passive house
Competition :2003
Planning begin :2003
Building begin :2005
Built :2006
Surface Area :4293 m2
Floorspace :1230 m2
Construct. Vol. :6227 m3
BuildingPrice :€ 2.350.00