Iran, Ashuradeh, Tourismusprojekt mit 2.400 Betten


The principle of sustainability and the aims of sustainable development of Ashouradeh Tourist Village (ATV) have recently attracted the private attention. This development also based on international policy statement that pointed out the connection between economic wealth and environmental well being. The concept of sustainable development, then, meshes the need for preserving, enhancing, and interrelating economic prosperity, the integrity of natural ecosystems, and social equity, as depicted in figure 3. This study considers also the Strategic Action Programme for the Caspian Sea (SAP), which was published as The Caspian Environment Programme (CEP) by the Teheran Steering Committee Meeting of November 5, 2003 and many other United Nation relation’s publications and statements and based on Information of Joint venture consulting in Teheran (Radnegar-Naghsh Company).

Projektnummer :185
Status :Projekte
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg, gemeinsam mit IAMCC-Wien und Radnegar Naghsh Sonsultant Engineers – Teheran
MitarbeiterInnen :Rudolf Lesnak
Ort :Ashouradeh, Iran
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Hotel / Touristik
Eigenschaften :Umweltfreundliche Bauführung
Planungsbeginn :2005