Solar Active House

On behalf of the company Sonnenkraft, the author is developing a new type of house which, with the help of active solar use, substantially reduces the environmental impact compared to the limits of the passive house. The concept is based on the fact that the kilowatt-hours in residential construction can be obtained cost-effectively with active solar systems, in addition to the savings measures that correspond to the passive house concept. These solar gains can be used not only for the heat supply (water, heating), but also for cooling and electricity generation. In the concept itself, different solar expansion stages are offered in hierarchical order. The realized version differs in some respects from the architect's planning (less shading, less mass in the building, lower storage capacity for the thermal collectors, modified design details, etc.)
Projectnumber :207
Status :Buildings
Client :Sonnenkraft
authors :Architect Georg W. Reinberg, Architekturbüro Reinberg GesmbH
Coworkers :Patricie Taftova, Petr Dobrovolny
Country :Kraig, Carinthia
Type :New buidling
Function :One-family house
Properties :Photovoltaics, Collector, Heat Recovery, Timber construction, Passive solarusage, Passive house, Clima-activ house, Prefabricated part house, Ecologically friendly construction
Planning begin :2007
Building begin :10/09/2008
Built :2009
Floorspace :150 m2
Living space :150 m2