The house would have been located in the Vienna Woods, on a relatively steep slope running south east. The house is accessed at the basement level. The narrow side of the stretched structure is shaped like the "head". It is a double volume living room, wrapped with a winter garden (sun space), on the south- east and the south -west sides. The winter garden extends the interior space and provides ample sunshine. The bedrooms face south-east and have balconies. On the sloping side and below grade, an ample space for household work is located. The attic is an additional small apartment with a roof terrace and a separate exit, which allows it to be sub let. It is accessed from the floor below it through a staircase which runs perpendicular to the main staircase and which is lit from the top.
Projektnummer :24
Status :Projekte
Link :www.reinberg.net/24
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
Ort :Weidlingbach, Niederösterreich
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Einfamilienhaus
Planungsbeginn :1990