solar power plant in Cyprus

Necessity of a holistic point of view In the era of environmental problems and awareness of their effects; more sophisticated investments should be organized to nourish better living environments in the near future. It is necessary for institutions to react through a holistic point of view. Regarding multi-layered issues of a habitat, capacity of sun should be evaluated more detailed beside production of energy, which is coming into account usually only as an economic and clear energy concept. Cyprus has a very strong capacity for solar gain, which also dominates the culture of the island. If the unique conjecture of the island is considered, a solar approach is a great opportunity not only to supply energy demand of the island, but also to care about some other problems of Cyprus’ habitat. In this context, especially Solar Power Plant Investment of European Union in Nicosia should be carefully evaluated through different capacities of the project beside purpose of energy production. No lost land: Installing a Solar Power Plant in this amount of capacity (1MWp) in the middle of agricultural land can be considered as “lost land”. Like other examples of Solar Power Plants around the world, installing huge areas of PV units could be evaluated as wasting fertile agricultural land. To avoid this inconvenient situation, it is possible to establish a Solar Power Plant by rising PV modules up and installing them on a raised construction. Economical demand of investment: This kind of a solution also makes profit for the budget of the investment because it reduces a large area of construction into smaller united surfaces which could be handled easily in means of the construction and substructure expenses, and also for maintenance of the service area. There area can be smaller because the sub construction is inclined and no shadow from one panel to the other has to be avoided. Services of shadow: That solution brings some other conveniences besides gaining solar energy, agricultural land and profit. One of the important benefits of rising PV modules and installing them on a raised construction is creating shadow under a clear Mediterranean sky which could be used for many functions. Most important property of this shadow is that it is not opaque since it is caused through semi-transparent PV modules, that means they diffuse direct sunlight and decrease as it is filtered. It is believed that this could provide a very important potential for Cyprus because these structures could work as green-houses for the region to grow specific plants although harsh affects of the hot climate and loosing less water by evaporation through the plants (water saving strategy in agriculture) As green houses As living environments (like settlements, parking lots, …) Wind win situation: Another considerable effect of this structure is more air movement through open and raised up construction. In a higher position we have more and stronger wind than very close to the earth, the air flow under an ongoing surface is easier and heat exchange between shadowed and sun lighted areas is stronger. The lower temperature caused by the better air movement below the PV units will increase the efficiency of PV modules. On the other hand this kind of a light breeze will have positive effect for each function placed under the structure. It is assumed that this kind of an approach could influence Cypriots and be an effective example on the island in means of conveniences, sustainability and its benefits. It could nourish the consciousness on solar architecture and solar energy which could easily find its place in everyday life and traditional architecture of the Mediterranean. The following images are concerned as examples of this assumption. A win- win strategy for landowners and solar power plants: Since all over Cyprus elasticity installations are existing jet the production of electricity is possible decentralized and independent from a central power plant. In this decentral concept also smaller installations can be offered to “Shadow Consumers”. In a win- win strategy firms or private ones could get free shadow by offering there roofs or space above there property for free to solar power plants. In this strategy the owner of the land gets the shadow for free and on the other hand the solar power company gets the land for the PV Panels for free. So the suggested power plant will be a demonstration project for making this win- win strategy popular in Cyprus. Like in our project in Cyprus-Valva
Projektnummer :244
Status :Projekte
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
MitarbeiterInnen :
Ort :northern part of Cyprus, Zypern
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Gewerbebetrieb
Eigenschaften :Photovoltaik
Wettbewerb :2009