The winter garden is located on a roof terrace, which developed from an attic conversion. The client, who works in the energy business, is a hobby horticulturist. The winter garden is intended as a conservatory as well as an additional living space. It is adjacent to the roof terrace and enables its use during spring and autumn seasons. It also offers additional living space during rainy conditions, evenings and cold periods. The building permit demanded that the new structure should not exceed the height of a group of chimneys existing on the roof. Hence, the semi-barrel vault is propped against the chimneys. The pre-fabricated wooden components were hoisted to the roof, assembled and anchored with steel straps by the owner, without professional help.
Projektnummer :3
Status :Bauten
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
Ort :Wien 17, Wien
Typ :Aufbau
Funktion :Glashaus
Planungsbeginn :1985
Baubeginn :1986
Fertigstellung :1987