Klosterneuburg House L.


This single-family house is built in the middle of the property (at the ultimate building line). This created a view into the northern Danube valley as well as a southfacing garden area and to an old monastery.

The building opens with the generously glazed surfaces to south-west and north-east.

Due to the slope, the building is cut into the terrain and the house consists of 1 underground and 2 above ground floors, the entrance level being the middle floor. Despite of the very limiting building regulations a big living area could be created.


Energy concept:

The building is highly heat insulated and reaches the passive house standard. It is equipped with a ventilation system with heat and moisture recovery. A PV system (36m2, 5kWp) is located on the roof. Thermal collectors (20.4 m²) are integrated into the façade and supply a buffer tank of 1.360 liters (V4A and V2A corrugated heat exchangers). As a heat source, the soil is used via depth drills (2x70m) via a heat pump (heating capacity 7.5 kW, COP 4.9 at 0 ° C inlet temperature and 10K expansion 35/25). The house can also be cooled by these depth holes and the floor and wall heating surfaces in the summer.

Specific heating requirement (according to energy rating) 10.25 KWh / m2a

Final energy requirement: 35.74 kWh / m2a

Primary energy requirement: 93.64 kWh / m2a

The rainwater is collected in a 4m³ cistern and used for garden irrigation.


Projectnumber :310
Status :Buildings
Link :www.reinberg.net/310
Client :private
authors :Architect Georg W. Reinberg, overall planer Architekturbüro Reinberg ZTGmbH
Coworkers :Martha Enriquez-Reinberg, Christine Potocnik
Country :Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria
Type :New buidling, Reconstruction
Function :One-family house
Properties :Photovoltaics, Collector, Heat Recovery, Timber construction, Passive solarusage, Active thermal solar use, Passive house, Ecologically friendly construction, Solar Active House, Innovative building technology, Heat pump
Planning begin :2.2015
Building begin :4.2016
Built :5.2017
Surface Area :879 m2