The house responds to the site requirements or is oriented towards them, such as the steep slope in the south-east direction, a view to a mountain in front of the house, and a lake to the east. Thus from the entrance to the north-west side, one gets a view to the mountain through the main hall and the spacious winter garden which is skewed to face the exact south orientation. From this vantage point, the lake can be seen also. The house accommodates a "studio" work space for the owner, with a glazed interior window which allows an overview of the whole house. The house was built by the client.
Projektnummer :6
Status :Bauten
Link :www.reinberg.net/6
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
Ort :Tullnerbach, Niederösterreich
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Einfamilienhaus, Wintergarten
Eigenschaften :Passive Solarnutzung
Planungsbeginn :1986
Baubeginn :1987
Fertigstellung :1989