Hence a square plan, tilted at 45° to the main cardinal points, was chosen. The one corner facing south is carved out of the rest of the house and is filled with a glasshouse structure which projects from the main square. This glass house is a glazed wooden frame structure, which allows the sun’s rays to penetrate into each part of the house, so that the sun path can be perceived during the day. The exterior walls, with window openings, are solid, loadbearing masonry, which carry the structure along with four columns in the central square. The client desired as much wood as possible, but solid masonry was chosen for the exterior, for its heat storage capacity. Wooden partitions were chosen for the interiors. The floors have different heights according to the functional requirements of the spaces. A "Raumplan" effect is achieved here. The attic, with its symmetrical configuration, is planned as a "meditation" space. Bedrooms are located in the upper floor and are accessed through a gallery. Kitchen and living room are located in the ground floor. The basement contains a small chapel, a workshop, a cool store for vegetables and other ancillary rooms. Exterior walls are brick masonry with cork as thermal insulation and an exterior plaster coat. The roof timbering is insulated with cellulose sheets. Interior partitions and doors are of plywood. Floors are of wood with a layer of granulated cork underneath. The heat gained in the winter garden (sun space) is recovered, using an automatic thermal difference control, and transmitted to the remaining part of the house through a ventilator.
Projektnummer :8
Status :Bauten
Link :www.reinberg.net/8
Bauherr :Privat
Planung :Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
Ort :Tulbing, Niederösterreich
Typ :Neubau
Funktion :Einfamilienhaus, Wintergarten
Eigenschaften :Passive Solarnutzung
Planungsbeginn :1986
Baubeginn :1987
Fertigstellung :1989