Brünnerstraße/Empergergasse, Kindergarten


The nursery school is orientated to the sun: to use the light for a specific way of living quality us well as to optimise the sun gain. 3 group-rooms and one multy-purpose room can be used by 2 to 3 kindergarten-groups and 1 baby-group. Like the multipurpouse room (as well as) the big terrasse in the first floor can be reached by an additional outdoor staircase and used for public purse additionally. The shape of the building enables all group-rooms and corridors to get direct light from the south. Glass-houses are located in front of the "Kindergarten"-rooms which represent spaces for special experiences like "play ground in the open air" (for bad weather conditions) and some time serve as sun-collectors (operated with automatisized ventilators). All service-rooms are minimized in their hights. The thereby "saved" space is used for higher group-rooms. With small anexis of very different light conditions.

Projectnumber :A28
Status :Buildings
authors :Architect Georg W. Reinberg, Treberspurg und Raith
Coworkers :Martin Presich
Country :Wien 21, Vienna
Type :New buidling
Function :Nursery school