19. 09. 2018
Plusenergy: Architecture

Type: Seminar
Location: Arch+Ing Akademie Karlsgasse 9, 1040 Wien
27. 09. 2018, 17:00
IBO Workshop Talks: Architect Reinberg

Type: Lecture
Location: IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH, Alserbachstr. 5/8, 1090 Wien
Effectiveness, renewable energy and a new way of life: the way to an ecologically and socially just society and a new architecture - Introducing the motivation for working on a sustainable architecture. The development of a new architecture is shown on the basis of an overview of the buildings of the "Architekturbüro Reinberg ZT GmbH" from the last 40 years. "Systematically ordered explains how we come to the passive house and building on the active house. This strategy of effectiveness, the use of renewable energy and a new lifestyle will be illustrated with a practical example - which our office is currently working on."
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